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True love stories inspired by real people, Adirala Studios captures the essence of what it looks like to be in love.

Time has changed

Who are we?

Since 2016, Adirala Studios has been committed to photographing weddings, always seeking to capture that unique and unforgettable happiness for couples. We specialise in using photos to tell stories, offering outstanding wedding coverage that provides incredible value. Let us help you find the perfect team for your important day. Our goal is to make planning your wedding photos and videos easier, ensuring a straightforward and effortless process.

A Wedding Photography Experience Unlike Any Other!

At Adirala Studios, we have straightforward aims for our clients. Firstly, we're dedicated to delivering an amazing experience right from the beginning to the end. Secondly, we aim to give our brides and grooms imaginative photos that align with how they envision their big day. Our approach and message remain steady at every wedding we capture. Since 2011, our team has documented over 1200 wonderful weddings for couples all around the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

We stand out for a special reason as top-rated wedding photographers in Guntur: our team of skilled photographers. What makes us truly one-of-a-kind is our commitment to maintaining a high training standard. This ensures that every image we capture is of top-notch quality. With us, clients receive the reliability and exceptional service associated with larger companies, all while enjoying the artistic essence and personalised touch of a smaller studio. In essence, they experience the best of both worlds.

We have clients throughout the A.P. and Telangana who have had us document their weddings in our unique style, and we have been able to create memories for them beyond their weddings. We consider ourselves life photographers rather than just wedding photographers.


Each of our artists gets trained in three different photography styles, along with many others. What makes us truly unique is that we promise our clients diversity. Our team can handle all sorts of situations. Unlike other studios, we don’t limit ourselves to just one style for weddings. Instead, every wedding we cover will have all three styles. Check out the details below for more information.


Experience the enchanting magic of Cinematic storytelling with us. Our adept team crafts videos that vividly bring your treasured moments to life. Seamlessly transitioning from one scene to another, we adeptly capture emotions and artfully create a captivating narrative. From the very first frame to the very last, your unique story gracefully unfolds, resembling a mesmerizing movie.


Do you value the emotions in wedding photos? Well, we absolutely do. Preserving those genuine feelings in photographs is our ultimate delight. The key to capturing exceptional shots is to seize them as they unfold naturally. While we take pleasure in observing these moments, our true passion lies in documenting them. Photojournalism stands as a pivotal skill for a wedding photographer; in fact, it’s the most vital skill of all.


The prevailing term for this style in our field nowadays is “natural light photographer“. Nevertheless, it’s essential to ensure that the studio capturing your wedding can maintain this appearance even when the lighting is dim. This approach yields a clean, bright, and breezy feel. Alongside this, every wedding will include numerous images taken in the traditional style. This is because it’s a timeless and enduring style that will always remain in vogue.

Capturing emotions, one wedding story! Get in touch to share yours.

We are incredibly enthusiastic about photography, particularly when it comes to weddings. In fact, our excitement for weddings might even surpass that of the soon-to-be-married couples themselves. Although we are located in Guntur, we have a strong penchant for traveling across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to capture the heartfelt narratives that emanate from you.

Weddings, in our view, epitomize enjoyment, and we struggle to find a more fitting synonym for the joy they bring. Our commitment is to deliver an enjoyable experience along with strikingly memorable images that have a larger-than-life quality.

If this prospect sounds enticing to you, we cordially invite you to include us in your wedding journey. Call us or WhatsApp at 8501907777.